27 febrero 2007



Sonate à sept
01. Andante
02. Allegro
03. Andante
04. Allegro

Deux Monodies pour Hautbois
05. Mouvement à menuet
06. Andante très calme

07. Le Repos du Tityre pour Hautbois d'amour

08. Monodie pour Cor anglais

Quatorze Pièces
09. I Andante con moto, quasi allegretto moderato
10. II Allegretto, pas vite (plutôt andantino)
11. III Andante (presque adagio à la blanche)
12. IV Allegro, assez animé, gai, solide
13. V Très doux, presque adagio
14. VI Allegretto con moto
15. VII Andante presque adagio
16. VIII Allegretto, assez tranquille, presque andantino
17. IX Lent, Adagio
18. X Allegro, très décidé, clair et gai
19. XI Allegretto con moto
20. XII
21. XIII Adagio à la blanche (with Cor Anglais)
22. XIV Allegretto con moto (with Cor Anglais)

4 comentarios:

Le Dude febrero 28, 2007 10:52 a. m.  

hi alan -- probably pretty boring to get the same thank you from the same person over and over again, but here it is. koechlin is a fave of mine, a highly underrated composer, and a man with an amazing biography. I even wrote a story about his love affair with German superstar actress Lilian Harvey in the Thirties (a love affair that was pretty one-sided ... she was flattered by his compositions for her, but when he came to Antibes to visit her, she refused to see him). all best, Le Dude

Alan febrero 28, 2007 3:07 p. m.  

Thanks Le Dude. It's a pretty comment, not boring at all. It would be nice to read the story with Lilian Harvey.

Anónimo,  julio 13, 2007 4:33 a. m.  

I wish I had discovered this blog six months ago! If you could re-up the Koechlin one of these days, I'd love to hear it- CK is one of my favorites, and there are so few good blogs for 20th century classical music.

Rene,  julio 21, 2011 2:11 a. m.  

Podría usted subir nuevamente CHARLES KOECHLIN, CHAMBER WORKS FOR OBOE. Gracias