07 abril 2007


This is kind of a bridge between the previous British and French music. And nice on its own.


Sonatina for Violin and Piano
01. I. Moderato
02. II. Lento
03. III. Allegretto, Variations 1 - 5

Five Short Pieces for Piano
04. I. Andante
05. II. Allegro moderato
06. III. Allegro
07. IV. Andante
08. V. Allegro

09. Andantino for Cello and Piano

Three Pieces for Clarinet Solo
10. I. Moderato (in tempo rubato)
11. II. Lento
12. III. Allegro

13. Mazurka for Piano

14. Duo for Cello and Piano

Six Preludes for Piano
15. I. Allegro
16. II. Andante
17. III. Allegro moderato
18. IV. Allegretto
19. V. Allegro
20. VI. Andante

Concertino for Flute, Violin, Cello and Piano
21. I. Allegro moderato
22. II. Aria I (for flute and cello)
23. III. Aria II (for violin and piano)
24. IV. Vivace

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