11 junio 2018



Scene 1
1. 'Salt, pepper, olive oil'
2. 'I'm sorry, Milady, I came through the front door'
3. 'In the summer of my time'
4. 'At Missis Ellibank's in Wimbledon'
5. 'Mother, please can I help?'
6. 'He was a quiet little boy'
7. 'Prenez six belles tomates'
8. 'Is this the residence of the Earl and Countess of Dunmow?'

Scene 2
9. 'So this, dear Lady Dunmow, is your drawing room'
10. 'I never moved a muscle'
11. 'Forgive my curiosity, but is your servant that young girl...?'
12. 'Come and see our little garden'
13. 'This way, Ma'am, through the back door'
14. 'Oh, shall I kneel in shame...?'
15. 'I like to imagine how these must have looked'
16. 'Mon aimée attend la lune'
17. 'Kiss her at once!'
18. 'Let her beauty be her dowry'
19. 'My Lords, Ladies, Duchess and gentlemen!'

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