20 junio 2010


Algunos limericks de Edward Lear:

There was an Old Man with a beard,
Who said, 'It is just as I feared! -
Two Owls and a Hen,
Four Larks and a Wren,
Have all built their nests in my beard!'

There was a Young Lady whose bonnet
Came untied when the birds sate upon it;
But she said, 'I don't care!
All the birds in the air
Are welcome to sit on my bonnet!'

There was a Young Lady of Hull,
Who was chased by a virulent bull;
But she seized on a spade,
And called out, 'Who's afraid?'
Which distracted that virulent bull.

Algunos limericks anónimos:

There was a young lady of Riga,
Who went for a ride on a tiger:
They returned from the ride
With the lady inside
And a smile on the face of the tiger.

There was an old party of Lyme
Who married three wives at one time.
When asked: 'Why the third?'
He replied: 'One's absurd,
And bygamy, sir, is a crime.'

There was a young man from Japan
Whose limericks never would scan;
When they said it was so,
He replied, 'Yes, I know,
But I always try to get as many words into the last line as I possibly can.'

Un grupo lo forman los limericks intelectuales, mezcla de absurdo y ciencia. Los dos primeros ejemplos son anónimos, el tercero de Ogden Nash:


There was a young lady named Bright,
Who travelled much faster than light,
She started one day
In the relative way,
And returned on the previous night.

Mind and Matter

There was a faith-healer of Deal,
Who said, 'Alhtough pain isn't real,
If a sit on a pin
And it punctures my skin,
I dislike waht I fancy I feel.'

Ultimate reality

There was an old man in a trunk,
Who inquired of his wife, 'Am I drunk?'
She replied with regret,
'I'm afraid so, my pet.'
And he answered, 'It's just as I thunk.'

Algunos limericks que escribí:

'A man needs a maid',
Old grandmamma said,
'That can stand
On her hand,
And play with her plaid.'

There was a young creature named Puck,
Who climbed to the bookcase and took
From a tale two pages.
The king said, 'Outrageous,
That Puck has confounded my book!'

There was a small boy from Khartun,
Who constantly hummed the same tune.
The Emperor said,
'Go bring me the head
Of that humming boy from Khartun!'

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