30 marzo 2020


Waiter, scarper!

Dirección: Ladislav Smoljak
Guión: Zdeněk Svěrák
Fotografía: Ivan Šlapeta
Música: Jaroslav Uhlíř
Intérpretes: Josef Abrhám, Libuše Šafránková, Zdeněk Svěrák

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Versión original en checo, subtítulos en inglés

There is something in the films from old Czechoslovakia instantly recognisable and peculiar: its humour. It is something taunting, and cheerful. It shines through the comedies, and also appears in more sombre films.

This movie, about a man who makes believe he is a waiter, achieves to be very funny and realistic at the same time.

There is also something in the movies from the late sixties, seventies and early eighties that appeals to me, maybe because I was a child and a boy then. If the film is good, like this one, so much the better.

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